Contract Pilot Services with a Difference

Roger Rose, our VP Operations, has been involved in international contract flight operations since 1973, including more than 16 years living in Europe and the Middle East.

He currently holds the following licenses or validations:

  • US FAA ATP and CFII-ME (G159, G1159, GIV, GV-G550)
  • Transport Canada ATPL (G3-G4)
  • Bermuda Validation on GIV, GV and G55 (G550)
  • Cayman Validation on GIV and GV (includes G350-550)

Additionally, he has held full licensure for:

  • Switzerland (FOCA)
  • Saudi Arabia (PCA)

As well as temporary or renewable validations for:

  • Germany (LBA)
  • Hong Kong (HK-CAA)
  • Switzerland (FOCA)
  • India (DGCA)
  • Cameroon
  • Uganda
  • Nigeria

More than half of Roger’s 13,750 flight hours has been in the Gulfstream family of products and Roger is one of less than 20 pilots to be rated on the G1 through the G5.

All IPS pilots are vetted by Roger and most have flown with one of our core partner pilots prior to release. This ensures IPS clients the highest possible standard of service and safety.

Roger is a longstanding member of the NBAA International Operations Committee, since the 1970’s, including:

  • Chariman Emeritus (2005-2007)
  • Chairman (2003-2005)
  • Vice Chairman (2001-2003)
  • Region Lead Coordinator (2000-2001)
  • Africa and the Middle East Region co-Lead (1997-2000).

Through an affiliation with Air Training International, Roger has been an associate instructor, assisting Dave Stohr with his widely acclaimed International Procedures Course.  For information on Air Training International, contact Terry at: +1.817.337.1058 or visit

IPS is an ardent supporter of flight time duty limits (FTDL) as a set of SOP’s for each client and operator.  FTDL’s are required under IS-BAO and should be codified for the newly required ICAO Safety Management Systems (effective 1 November 2009).

Each IPS client agrees to abide by our guidelines as a part of our service agreement.