Contract Pilot Services with a Difference

IPS delivered Europe’s first EASA certifed Gulfstream G450 to an EU based operator this month.  The aircraft, which incorporates changes mandated by JAA-EASA is the first such unit delivered by Gulfstream.  IPS also delivered one of the first G450’s to a non-US North American based user, as well as the first fractionally owned European G550.  In the G350 and G450, IPS has now accumulated the broadest base of experience on Gulfstream’s newest product and uncommonly powerful sister.

To date IPS has delivered more than 30 GV and derivative airframes (G550, G450, G350) and transitioned more than fifty pilots over six national “flags”.

In the GIV family IPS has delivered more than 30 airframes and transitioned more than 70 pilots in ten countries.

Additionally, IPS has delivered a significant number of G1159 aircraft and continues to support delivery, transition services and TRI / TRE work for several countries that operate this venerable type.