Contract Pilot Services with a Difference

Overarching all IPS services, is a reputation and history of safety and standardization in both aviation and the maritime industries.

VP of Ops, Roger Rose, has served as the Manager of Safety and Training (Human Systems) with a major maritime chemical carrier, during the implementation of the United Nations’ IMO’s (International Maritime Organization) STCW program (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping) and the implementation of IMO mandated ISM (International Safety Management).

Both ISM and STCW targeted human factors and training standards as a primary vehicle for casualty reduction. The company that IPS worked with has gone on to become the largest chemical carrier in the world with one of the best safety records.

In aviation, IPS has has worked with Dr. Mark Rosekind (formerly head of NASA’s Fatigue Countermeasures Group), hosting Dr. Rosekind’s Alertness Solutions presentations at NBAA’s (National Business Aviation Association) International Operations Conferences, since 1998.

IPS has presented safety related modules at every NBAA IOC since 1998, on topics ranging from operations in Africa and India, CFIT, Fatigue Countermeasures and cockpit datalink flight information.  Roger has also presented at the International Operations segment of Bombardier’s Safety Stand-Down (2006).

Roger has published articles and editorials in both aviation and maritime trade journals including Aviation International News, Pro Pilot Magazine, Lloyd’s List and the Marine Log.

He is accredited by the International Business Aviation Council as an auditor for the IS-BAO (International Standards-Business Aviation Operations).

All of this provides an unequalled foundation for IPS and its unique blend of services.