Contract Pilot Services with a Difference

Following the February 2006, article in Business & Commercial Aviation*, IPS reminds Operators that the greatest adjunct to their Safety Management System (SMS) is the selection of crewmembers that are experienced in the CRM issues of integrating into established crews or creating a new crew from existing individuals.

International Pilot Services may afford US operators a number of advantages or solutions.

  • IPS pilots are not your employees.
  • IPS takes care of Federal reporting for US Operators.
  • You are not accountable for state or federal tax reporting.
  • Liability insurance is automatic for all pilots with IPS listed as “additional insured” on your company’s insurance policy.
  • IPS maintains comprehensive pilot records and a strict vetting process.
  • IPS may be able to provide you a pilot who understands a language that is beneficial to a particular region or has recent experience specific to your intended area of operations, including metric altimetry and QFE operations.
  • IPS pays some of the highest rates and is able to attract pilots of greater experience and qualifications.
  • IPS pilots are exposed to a variety of operations and regions. Pilot and customer feedback ensures the highest degree of safety and service is maintained.
  • Most IPS pilots have two passports and many hold multiple entry visas for countries like Brazil, India and Russia.

*Reference the February 2006, article in Business & Commercial Aviation:  IPS reminds operators that Workers Comp Insurance only covers on the job injuries within the United States.

Once you depart the US, it has one sole benefit (it pays repatriation airfreight on the remains of those “covered”.)

Since 95% of IPS work is performed and completed outside the US, we do not provide (nor do operators pay for) insurance that does not provide a beneficial coverage.

Instead, Operators pay for the best crewmembers available on the market, with the credentials to prove it.

We invite you to contact us for additional information and to consider IPS for your next requirement.