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In 1998, NBAA and IBAC (International Business Aviation Council) perceived the need for a Quality Assurance / Safety standard (ala ISO-9000) but purpose built to the needs of the international business aviation community.

Several years of cooperation between IBAC member organizations world-wide and NBAA’s key standing committees resulted in the creation of IS-BAO (International Standards – Business Aircraft Operations).  It draws from a set of “best practices” and is available in both JAA/European or non-European versions, and is adaptable to operations as diverse as single pilot/single or multiple aircraft type / fleet ops.

The key element of IS-BAO, a Safety Management System or SMS, is required by ICAO for all operators accessing airspace other than their own (any international operation by aircraft of any flag) commencing 1 November 2010.

Bermuda, Cayman Islands and other flags have chosen to adopt IS-BAO as their defacto method of compliance.  While other standards might be considered, operators will have to pay their civil aviation authorities to audit any standard other than IS-BAO.

The US GAO (Government Accounting Office) has already indicated that IS-BAO is the preferred Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) towards meeting the ICAO SMS requirement.  The FAA will also likely adopt IS-BAO as its preferred AMC.

Roger, is one of several dozen auditors able to travel to any part of the world for SMS Implementation, consulting, strategic department planning, pre-audits, internal auditing development or auditing.

IPS can assist your department in developing effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and your Risk Management strategies and processes.

He has provided testimony as an expert witness before national and international governing bodies, specializing in CRM and training aspects of casualty, both in the US and Europe.  He has also participated as an expert witness in litigation in the US and Europe.